About Us

 On my first surf trip in warm water, my bikini kept falling off. 

In my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, I wear a wetsuit and had never realized this was such a common issue for female surfers. I tried wearing surf shorts, but they restricted movement. I tried surfing naked, but the downsides of that are obvious. 

I realized that in order to find a cute bikini that wouldn't fall off, I needed to  make one. And so, Ola Chica was born.

Owned and operated out of Santa Cruz, California, Ola Chica makes fashionable, functional swim and surfwear. Our bikinis are designed with athletes in mind. They're tested by pro-surfers, swimmers, SUPers, kayakers, river rafters, kite surfers, triathletes, and beach lovers. All our bikinis are designed by me, and handmade with high-quality material. 

Since that first warm-water surf trip, I've worn Ola Chica bikinis around the world and have yet to lose one because of the drawstring waistline. They're perfect for any kind of woman, in any kind of water. 

Stay in the moment with Ola Chica!